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By Javier Sanchez & Marshall Shorts

Are you chasing happiness? Connection? Success? Opportunity? Money? Well if you are chasing them…why are they running away from you? What are you thinking, saying, feeling, or doing to repel the things many of us want most in life? Our suggestion is that if you get your mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical life on track FIRST, the happiness, connection, success, opportunity, and sometimes even the money will chase YOU!This book is not about motivation or empowerment, it’s about moving you from inspiration to action! Reading this book won’t make you FEEL better; it’s purpose is to make you BE better. When you become intentional about making the most out of your life, life will become intentional about making the most out of YOU! So don’t just READ this book, DO this book and watch what happens…from this moment on!


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